Wednesday, October 5, 2011

No Update...

Yesterday evening, Josh was supposed to find out if there was a possibility of him upgrading to Captain.  Well....yesterday came and went...and no list was released.  

So dumb AND typical!  Ugh!!

I seriously predicted this would happen.  I really don't want to bash his company especially since they haven't ever screwed Josh over (and sometimes that's normal for an airline to do) and his job is pretty stable (something to be cherished when working for an airline).....


His company is always late with everything!  Putting lines (AKA: schedules) out, seniority lists, the new contract, and now I can add this to the list...  which of course is the one that we're most on edge about.  Apparently the system that was supposed to compute the entire realignment just didn't work.  Wonderful.  You would have thought they'd do a trail run first??  Hopefully they get it figured out soon!

  Ohhh well, time will tell.  Enough of my complaining!  Until then, I'm sure Josh will be compulsively checking his crew account to see if they've released anything.  

Keep keeping your fingers crossed!!! :-)

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Kelly said...

Hoep you guys find out something soon! Fingers and toes crossed for you :)