Tuesday, August 16, 2011

getting to know me

Since this is a brand new blog, I thought it might be fun to get to know me a little better. If you want to learn more of the typical “about me” info, I promise the page above will be quite helpful! But, I thought some random/fun facts about myself might be more entertaining.
So let’s see here…
1. I can juggle and I’m pretty darn good at it. I practiced for 2 days straight with apples. Applesauce anyone?
2. I’m obsessed with reality tv. AKA: Teen Mom, The Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad, Real Housewives of Whatever County, Big Brother etc. Ugh, I need a life.
3. If any of my friends are reading this, just skip to the next number because this is old news. I LOVE The Beatles! Yes, I am 24. I don’t care. Best music ever.
4. My biggest fear? Take a wild guess…you’ll never get it. No, not bugs…I hate them (especially spiders or those long creepy things with a million legs), but that’s not it. I am terrified of having my blood pressure taken! I know, I’m crazy. Every freaking doctor thinks I have high blood pressure because the second they walk into the room with that stupid cuff, my heart starts beating a mile a minute. And Ta Da=Instant high blood pressure. Sooo…they made me buy my own blood pressure monitor to do at home because I insisted I was fine. Sure enough, excellent blood pressure. What the heck am I going to do if I ever get pregnant?!??
5. I want to be best friends with Taylor Swift.
6. Unfortunately, I’m a fairly shy person. If I could change one thing about myself, it would probably be to have more confidence.
7. I love learning & reading about natural health. (Vitamins, Supplements, Remedies, Exercise, etc.) I know I’ll go into it more for a post sometime, but I have some nifty tricks up my sleeve. I don’t remember the last time I’ve had a cold for more than 1-2 days!
8. I am so NOT a morning person. But I get up for work at 4:15am every day. Yea, talk about sucky. But there’s a shuttle that meets right down the road from me that can take me to/from work each day for free. The catch? It meets at 5:15am. So, I continue to use it, dread every single weekday morning, not pay for gas, and save money. Which brings me to my next fact…
9. Saving money is like a game for me. Fortunately, my husband and I are very similar when it comes to finances, which makes it much easier. I think we lead a pretty good life and do spend extra in certain areas. However, we love saving money and are certainly not blowing money & racking up credit card debt. That’s bad, bad, bad!
10. Yay! I reached number 10. I couldn’t possibly end at number 9.
I'll leave you with a fun picture from several years ago. My very first follower Erin loves this picture. Thought you might get a chuckle too!
Have a lovely night!


Kim said...

Another reality TV lover! Glad to "meet" you.

Jill said...

hi, shea! it's nice to meet ya!

i love new blogs and i'm excited to start following yours :)

and i totally love reality tv, too....oh my...especially the bachelor/bachelorette. seriously, why do i watch that crap??? i think it's ridiculous, but i just can't look away!

anyways, i'm your newest follower :)

Amber Dawn said...

That is the greatest picture ever...without a doubt. :)