Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekend Routines

The weekend started with our guilty pleasure... eating at Chili's. Josh and I are borderline obsessed! The chips & salsa are just sooo tasty, along with almost every other dish we've ever ordered. It's slowly becoming a fun Friday night routine! However, I think we're over-doing it because the waitress totally guessed our orders this exactly. She knew Josh wanted a wheat bun for his burger, avocado slices, and no bacon. I was slightly embarrassed to say the least!

Saturday morning we got up bright & early for yet another weekend tradition. However, this one is so much cooler because we've actually given it a name. Pancake Saturday. Every Saturday morning we make a nice big batch of Pancakes, a pot of coffee, and spend time discussing our plans for the day. So much fun!

After the conclusion of Pancake Saturday, we actually raced to get everything set up for our garage sale that day. Every summer our neighborhood puts together a community garage sale and this year, they must have advertised it really well because there were so. many. people! The big items we sold were 2 old TV's, table & chairs, and my grandmothers organ (I was shocked that actually sold!). We sold lots of other miscellaneous items as overall, I think it was pretty successful.

Now it's already Sunday evening and we're about to do Josh's usual pre-trip packing routine. This includes laundry, ironing uniform, packing clothes, and cooking food for him to take/eat for the week. But this Sunday is a little different since I actually get to pack for myself as well! I'm leaving for DC tomorrow afternoon to take a training class for work. The title of the course is "Federal Pay Setting." Sounds exciting, huh? I already know how to set Federal pay...but I'm assuming this will involve more complicated situations. I'm sure I'll learn something new =)

I'm taking my lap-top with me this week, so I'm sure you'll hear from me soon! Enjoy your Sunday!


Jessica said...

I love your blog design! So elegant looking!!!
I love the idea of Pancake Saturday, my husband and I always used to go to a breakfast place in town every Saturday morning and would sit and drink coffee for hours! I love those simple moments in life =)

Ms. J said...

Love making little traditions like that! We had used to have cinnamon rolls every Saturday morning in FL. We kind of dropped the ball when we moved back to NH though. Now we have Friday Pizza though :)

Liesl said...

I love Chili's too...and how fun to have pancake Saturday! Have fun in DC and I hope all goes smoothly! Lovely blog!

Liesl :)

Breckan said...

Ha! I thought we were the only ones with the chili's chips and salsa fetish. :)